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Toners & Astringents

If a skin toner isn’t already in your beauty arsenal then it could be what’s standing between you and radiant looking skin. A gentle but effective product, skin toners remove oil and traces of daily dirt and grime from the skins surface, leaving you feeling soothed and refreshed after a long day.

The secret to healthy, glowing skin is a toner.  Not only does it offer extra cleansing which is particularly beneficial after wearing heavy makeup or skin products such as sunscreen, but it also removes oil and gives the appearance of smaller pores. A toner will always leave your skin revitalized and ready to go.

Skin toners should ideally be applied after cleansing. Due to the alkaline nature of soap, cleansing can throw off the skins balance, so a toner helps to restore your skin to a normal pH level.  This will help to close pores and provide protection against impurities.  Discover the best of skin toners, from soothing serums to anti-ageing lotions, all here at The Beauty Store.

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