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Body Moisturisers

While many people build body moisturisers into their everyday skincare routine, many focus only on the face rather than the body as a whole. Skin all over your body requires you to replenish moisture to counteract the drying effects of exposure to both hot and cold weather and different environments. Using a body cream or lotion sparingly every day is a simple way to counter these effects and keep your skin supple and moisturised.

Each body moisturiser in our collection has been chosen for its brand’s reputation for excellence in the beauty industry. Available at affordable prices, our discount body creams don’t compromise on quality, manufactured by brands such as Clinique, Cowshedand Elemis. Enjoy a discount luxury skincare experience at The Beauty Store.

Choosing a body moisturiser from our collection guarantees you a high quality experience that will nourish your skin and replenish the condition as and when needed. Choose from a variety of sizes to find a body lotion for everyday use or travel and select a moisturiser that suits your particular skin type from dry/combination to dry/very dry and even mature. Browse our full bath & body collection for more body care products.