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Tom Ford

Tom Ford established his international empire in 2005, after being the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, for 10 and 5 years respectively. Although he originally trained as an architect at Parsons School of Design, he got an internship at the fashion house Chloe leading him to discover his passion for the fashion industry. Ford found great success working for the aforementioned labels; it is proclaimed that Ford was a large force in Gucci’s turn around, after they were facing difficulties at the time. Venturing into the film industry, Ford directed his first film A Single Man in 2009; it won a number of awards and nominations for the director and acting after it was praised by critics and film fanatics.

Tom Ford houses luxury fashion, accessories and eyewear for men and women; the brand is known for their controversial and provocative advertising. With Estee Lauder, Ford developed their fragrance and cosmetic line, releasing their beloved fragrances such as Black Orchid and Tom Ford White Patchouli Eau de Parfums. His signature fragrances exude luxury and sophistication that captivate your senses.

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