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Elie Saab

Elie Saab fragrances are chic, elegant and feminine, and are sure to give that extra touch of glamour to any outfit. As a self taught designer he had no ties to fashion, but from a young age he followed his passion and began creating dresses for his sisters. Eventually he was selling his designs to local women who were all dying to get their hands on an original Elie Saab outfit. At just the age of 18 he had opened his own couture house with over a dozen accomplished seamstresses, and today he’s the personal designer for many renowned princesses.

Elie Saab perfumes were launched worldwide with phenomenal success. Launched in 2011, the Elie Saab Le Parfum won the coveted Fragrance Foundation Award for Best New Fragrance in the UK, France and US. This contemporary fragrance range takes inspiration from 1950s Hollywood glamour to create timeless scents that are an ode to female beauty and sexuality. Find the Le Parfum collection plus the Le Parfum miniature collection and gift sets online at The Beauty Store.