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The ULTIMATE Lazy Day Guide

It’s time to get cozy under the sheet (masks)!

Colder weather and social distancing measures means spending more time indoors. Whilst some of us may find the time to be productive (re-decorating, wardrobe organizing etc.), sometimes it’s nice to switch off, relax and enjoy your own company from the comfort of your own bed.

We've got you covered with our guide to the ULTIMATE laZzzy day:

Do a sheet mask

A perfect way to spend your lazy day is by practicing self care! How to practice self care, you ask? Sheet masks! No matter your skin concern, we’ve got the perfect sheet mask for you! If you’re looking for hydration, check out our Holographic Sheet Mask and our Anti-Blue Light Sheet Mask. Our brand new Anti-Blue Light Sheet Mask is the perfect way to balance out all of the time we’ve been spending in front of our screens for work or scrolling through TikTok. For dull skin, check out our brightening sheet masks: Watermelon Sheet Mask and Gold Foil Sheet Mask (don’t forget to take a selfie for the IG)! If you have sensitive skin, try out a calming sheet mask, such as our Cucumber Sheet Mask. For those of you suffering from maskne, check our one of our solution masks for blemish prone skin: Peacock Sheet Mask or Leopard Sheet Mask.

Binge a Netflix show 

With social distancing in place, we’ve had more time than ever to catch up on iconic movies and TV shows (thanks to streaming services). A perfect lazy day activity, is to pick a new show to binge! There have been so many new shows this year that are quick binges. Recently, we’ve loved Julie and The Phantoms and Dash and Lily.

For more Netflix recommendations, check out the Oh K! Life blog on binge-worthy shows to watch while you mask

Read a book

Reading is a great way to unplug from all of the texting, streaming, and scrolling. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a warm place during the winter, we recommend spending some time outdoors reading. However, if you live in a cold climate, we recommend turning on some twinkle lights, lighting a fire, and curling up with a good book. Cosmopolitan collected a list of amazing young adult novels so you can find the perfect book for you.

Sleep in 

Sleeping might seem like the obvious choice for a lazy day, however with all of our extra time at home, people have been sleeping less. This can be contributed to staying up late binging a new show and general stress from the craziness that 2020 has brough upon us. You should treat yourself by sleeping in. Try out a satin eye mask to help keep out any light from the morning.

Snack the day away

Finally, what better way to spend the day than indulging in delicious snacks! Whether it’s eating your favorite candy bar/salty snack or trying a new Pinterest recipe, snacking is a great way to spend your time, especially while you binge a new show or mask! Check out these amazing #masksnack selfies on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us while you’re rocking an Oh K! sheet mask and enjoying your favorite treat! 

How to enjoy a lazy day: 

  • Do a sheet mask
  • Binge a Netflix show
  • Read a book
  • Sleep in 
  • Snack the day away

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