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The lipstick shades you should be wearing winter 2024

In winter, darker and deeper shades tend to complement the season's vibes. Rich berry tones like plum or cranberry, classic reds, deep burgundies, and mauves often work well during the colder months, as they complement the darker, more layered clothing typically worn in winter.

Rich berry tones 

Rich berry tone lipsticks are often praised by makeup experts for their versatility and ability to complement various skin tones. They are considered classic, bold, and perfect for both daytime and evening looks. Experts typically recommend considering your skin undertone to find the right berry shade—cool undertones match well with blue-based berry colors, while warmer undertones pair nicely with red-based berry tones.

Classic reds

Classic red lipsticks are considered timeless and universally flattering. Makeup experts often recommend them as a staple in any makeup collection. They advise selecting a red lipstick that complements your skin undertone - individuals with cooler undertones tend to suit blue-based reds, while warmer undertones complement orange-based reds.

Burgundy and mauve

Burgundy and mauve lipsticks are often recommended by makeup experts for their sophisticated and versatile appeal. Burgundy shades, being deeper reds with hints of purple, are considered elegant and suitable for various skin tones. Mauve, with its dusty pink and purple undertones, is praised for its subtle yet flattering look. Experts advise considering your skin undertone - cool undertones may lean towards cooler mauve shades, while warmer undertones might opt for warmer mauves. Burgundy shades often suit many skin tones but selecting a shade closer to your undertone can enhance the overall look.

When wearing darker shades of lipstick, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize: Ensure your lips are smooth and hydrated before applying darker shades. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate and a lip balm to moisturize.

  2. Use a Lip Liner: Outline your lips with a lip liner that matches the lipstick shade or is slightly darker. This helps define the lips and prevents the lipstick from bleeding.

  3. Apply with Precision: Use a lip brush or the lipstick directly to apply the color evenly and precisely, especially with darker shades, to avoid smudging or uneven application.

  4. Blot and Layer: After the first layer, blot your lips with a tissue and reapply the lipstick for a more long-lasting and intense color.

  5. Balance the Look: Keep the rest of your makeup relatively subdued when wearing darker lipstick to maintain balance. Soft eye makeup and minimal blush can complement bold lip colors.

  6. Touch-ups: Carry your lipstick for touch-ups, especially after meals or several hours, to maintain the color vibrancy.

Remember, confidence is key when wearing darker lipstick shades! Experiment and find what suits you best.

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