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Notebook Fragrances Review - Brand Spotlight

At The Beauty Store we are always on the lookout for great new brands, so that is why we are so happy to introduce Notebook fragrances, a collection of gorgeous fragrances, made and designed in Italy, and all at an affordable price of £17.95. So we our going to shine a spotlight on our newest brand and give you a Notebook Fragrances Review.

The Concept

A collection of 7 modern fragrances full of personality. A journey through time to remind us of our most spectacular emotions, because nothing can match a perfume in its ability to evoke memories.

NOTEBOOK FRAGRANCES is the joy of recognizing oneself in the contemporary rhythm of the moments that narrate our very own personal experience... moments of life.

Want to know more about Notebook Fragrances and their upcoming fragrances check them out here.

The Packaging

The packaging, modern and sophisticated, recalls the most famous agenda in the world; it is adorned with iconic details that create a direct link to the olfactory note of the perfume it holds.

The graphic design, inspired by the trends of design and fashion, is embellished with a matte finish and shimmering details. A black elastic cord completes the packaging to add to its functionality.

The Fragrances

Rose Musk & Vanilla

With its warm and sophisticated notes of rose, clay and vanilla, Notebook Rose Musk & Vanilla for Her evokes exotic, relaxed and seductive scenes.

A unique scent which gives skin an irresistible touch: a beautiful secret to take with you always, because any day could become a special occasion.

A magical and elegant color, delicate pastel hues of violet adorn the Notebook Rose Musk & Vanilla packaging.

An important and seductive color, violet accentuates femininity and fantasy: perfect for the scent of a refined and delicate woman who wants to add a sophisticated allure to her charm.

Bergamot & Sandal Wood

An accord synonym of energy, vivacity and vitality. Notebook Bergamot & Sandal Wood for Him is a scent that gives vitality.

Notes of citrus blend together with a floral touch and are intensified by warm woody and vanilla elements.

A fragrance for him, elegant and modern… to give a sophisticated touch to his own style.

Masculine and sophisticated, Notebook Bergamot & Sandal Wood interprets the colour blue, symbol of profoundness and elegance. The scent, with notes of citrus and wood, is an unprecedent and modern combination.

Peony & White Musk

Notebook Peony & White Musk for Her is a fragrance that contains the vibrant and romantic passion of corollas and fruity scents, supported by the warmth of musk and wood.

A blossoming of roses, peonies, jasmines, geraniums and cyclamens with some spicy touch. A fragrance that expresses sensuality, passion and joy of life.

Deeply feminine and sophisticated, Notebook Peony and White Musk is dressed in pink, a symbol of femininity and elegance. The fragrance, flowery and enveloping, fully interprets the mood of the packaging and expresses sensuality, passion and joy of life.

White Wood & Vetiver

The engaging notes of Notebook White Wood & Vetiver for Him evoke the desire to escape, open spaces and freedom.

A modern fragrance which completes the travel bag of the intrepid and active man, always ready for a new adventure.

Perfect to wear also on vacation for an unmistakable air of freshness.

A color symbolic of sky and lightness, blue is the understated protagonist of the elegant Notebook White Wood & Vetiver packaging.

It symbolises loyalty and idealism, and a color which, like the scent it holds, emits harmony and creativity.

Cassis & Pink Pepper

Notebook Cassis & Pink Pepper for Her is a unique scent which knows how to stand out.

A fresh, intense and sensual union which evokes a fascinating, modern and confident woman, at ease anywhere and everywhere she finds herself.

The perfect perfume to give an unmistakeable note of one’s own style and a touch of charm to the day.

The ‘Tiffany’ color is the shade chosen for Notebook Cassis & Pink Pepper.

The green symbolises perseverance, balance and harmony. A color associated with a refined nuance and adored by women, as irresistible as the perfume it holds.

Patchouli & Cedar Wood

Notebook Patchouli & Cedarwood for Him is a fresh fragrance which evolves from a solid and concrete background in which a precious patchouli and cedar wood are the protagonists of this wonderful accord.

The first sparkling notes of bergamot, cedar and pink grapefruit, envelop the senses in the perfect harmony of a masculine floral and woody heart.

The elegant design of Notebook Patchouly & Cedar Wood is embodied in its sophisticated tones of sandy beige. A color associated with earth, it is born of a combination of red, yellow and blue, evoking balance and reflection. A perfect color for the highbrow and aromatic fragrance it holds.

Citrus & Green Tea

Notebook Citrus & Green Tea Unisex is a fresh, aromatic and luminous fragrance. A delicate note of green tea, illuminated by top notes of citrus and spices for a sparkling touch.

A beautiful jasmine from Grasse is the protagonist of the flowery heart of this elegant perfume.

The background consists of a mix of white musks, amber and woods to enhance a dynamic structure.

Energising and fresh, Notebook Citrus & Green Tea comes in yellow, the symbolic color of the sun and both mental and physical energy. The light and vibrant scent is aptly reflected in the sunny colour of its packaging, and adds a positive note to any and every thought and moment of the day.

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