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8 Amazing Ways to Use Your Old Mascara Wand

8 Amazing Ways to Use Your Old Mascara Wand

Mascara wands are of course, best used to apply your mascara. But what happens once your favourite mascara has run out and you’re left with just a tube and a wand? Don’t throw it in the bin! Clean up your mascara wand and put it to further use with some top mascara wand tips from The Beauty Store!

First, you’re going to want to disinfect your mascara wand, use a detergent solution or spray some rubbing alcohol on it to instantly disinfect it. Now it is time to clean your mascara wand.

Fill a sink with warm water and leave your mascara wand to soak for around 10-15 minutes. That’s enough time to buy yourself a brand new mascara from The Beauty Store! By this time, the water should be cloudy and the mascara should have started to peel away from the brush. Next, drain the sink take some shampoo and rub it through the wand making sure it gets a thorough coating! Run the wand under clean water every now and again to check up on your progress - Rinse and repeat until the wand is completely clean! Leave the wand to dry and it’s ready to be repurposed!

1. Brush Your Eyebrows


Mascara wands are perfect for smoothly controlling your eyebrows! Load up the clean mascara wand with Vaseline or your favorite brow gel and gently brush your eyebrows after you are done with the makeup. Whether you like to use a brow gel or just brush back your eyebrows to make them appear neat and tidy, these mascara wands will be the perfect inexpensive tool for you.

2. Tame Hair Flyways

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Mascara wands are perfect for smoothly controlling flyaway hairs! If you really want them to stay in place, spray a little hairspray onto the mascara wand and gently brush in the direction you want them to stay.

3. Tidy Up Your Lashes!


Who would have guessed that mascara wands are great on your eyelashes? As well as applying mascara, you can use your spare wand to remove those annoying clumps from freshly applied mascara as well as separating your eyelashes before applying for a full and wide eyed look!

4. Exfoliate Your Lips!

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Exfoliating lips with the mascara wand? Yes, you heard it right. Traditionally, many of us use toothbrushes or fingers to use a lip scrub to exfoliate our lips. But, a clean mascara wand is more effective than a toothbrush. Load your old clean mascara wand with Vaseline or lip scrub or even olive oil mixed with sugar granules and create swift circular motions to remove all the chapped bits on your lips. Mascara wands are effective, yet don’t feel harsh on the lips.

5. Maintain Your Roots!

Mascara wands make much better applicators than the brush provided thanks to their flexible fibres, so why not try using a mascara wand to work the hair dye right into the root for thorough and even coverage.

6. Removing Cuticles!


Start by applying a bit of a hydrating cuticle remover cream, or you can even replace it with just a bit of organic extra virgin olive oil and allow it to sit for 2 to 3 minutes to soak up and soften the cuticles. Then, take a clean mascara wand and start gently buffing the base of your nails to get rid of any ugly bits.

7. Keep Your Jewellery In Check!


If you leaved beaded necklaces or ornate earrings out on your dressing table, next time you want to wear them you might find that they’re covered in dust! Use your mascara wand to clean in between beads and other fiddly parts to get them sparkling clean again.

8. Spring Clean!

Having a really deep clean of your home? Don’t forget the tiny hard to reach places such as taps and plugholes! Mascara wands are so flexible that they can easily gather all the unwanted dirt that could be clogging your pipes up so you don’t have to go digging in there.

Yes, mascara wands really are endlessly useful! Have you got any more useful mascara wand repurposing ideas? Comment below to let us know! Remember to visit The Beauty Store before you leave too and find your new favourite beauty product!

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