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The Beauty Benefits of Veggies

The Beauty Benefits of Veggies

Since we were young, we’ve always been told to eat our greens, but have you ever wondered if there are other benefits from eating them apart from growing up to be ‘big and strong’? While veggies and fruits have their many advantages, stemming from reduced carbon footprint to a longer lifespan, there’s also a variety of beauty benefits that come with them too. To make the most of these, here are just a couple of our favourite vegetables that are great for your health, inside and out.


When you were younger, you were probably told that carrots help you to see in the dark. Although this isn’t quite true, they do help improve and maintain eyesight. In additional, they are rich in beta carotene, and when this is ingested, converts into vitamin A. This vitamin is known for giving skin an extra glow, as well as helping to battle wrinkles by attacking free radicals. As a rich source of potassium, carrots are also great at tackling dry skin and problem skin.


A certain cartoon character swears by spinach, saying that it will give you large and strong muscles. Although you can’t crack open a tin of spinach and grow large biceps, they are loaded with a number of antioxidants that help flush out harmful toxins, give skin tissue strength and reduce onset wrinkles. Try adding a few leaves to a fruit smoothie if you don’t enjoy the taste, or if you do, use it in lieu of lettuce in a salad.

Sweet Potato

In recent years, sweet potato has increased in popularity, with many pubs and restaurants across the country offering various dishes including the vegetable. Not only is it a tasty alternative to a regular potato, it also contains vitamins C and A, which fights the bacteria that causes acne scarring. If you suffer from this problem, try some sweet potato mash or opt for sweet fries next time you’re out to dinner.


Rich in antioxidants - including anthocyanins that prevent the appearance of wrinkles - beetroots are great to eat. Not only can they offer many advantages when eaten, but you can also rub it on your lips for a natural pink lip stain too! Make sure that it is cooked if you are going to eat it though, as raw beetroot can sometimes be difficult to digest.


Yes, we’re aware that technically they are a fruit, but tomatoes are mostly seen in savoury dishes. For that reason, we’re going to consider them a vegetable for the duration of this guide. Moving on, tomatoes are one of the best sources of lycopene money can buy, an antioxidant with outstanding anti-aging properties. It’s easily absorbed in all forms of tomato, from canned sauce to juice too, so you’ll find something you like the taste of.

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