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From an early age when I used to help my Grandad in his garden, I realised that flowers had the most amazing fragrances.  We would trim Roses and remove the buds once they had flowered, we would feed his Gardenias, cut back the Jasmine before fall and occasionally he let me help in the vegetable patch.

I had the most amazing childhood.  We would work in the garden, during the holidays, then get called in for lunch by my Nan, who was the most amazing cook.  The smells of her cooking lured us in for lunch, and then lunch over we would be back out in the garden continuing with our work.

My Grandad was a very kind, happy man.  He would regularly pop in to see elderly neighbours, like Aunt Em who was housebound.  We would often take her a bunch of roses from the garden and sit and listen to stories of her childhood.  As I arranged her flowers, the scent was intoxicating.  We would all sit there chatting and smiling and laughing and talking of happy times.

Years later when I got my own garden, this love for nature and plants had passed to me, and without realising I had a garden full of roses, gardenia, jasmine and other very fragrant flowers.  The smells in my garden are overwhelming, and I find myself sitting there smiling, even now, thinking of those lovely carefree days with my Grandad.

And the Scent Doctor was born.  I harnessed these olfactory memories, and decided that everyone is entitled to this happiness.  You can wear one of the Scent Doctor Perfumes and not only does it smell incredible, but it can take you back to a distant memory, or put you in a wonderful field full of Roses in the South of France, a beautiful walk through Portofino on the Amalfi Coast smelling Neroli blossom or even your own Grandparents back garden smelling the exotic blooms of fresh Gardenia.

All of the flowers which feature in these perfumes have positive effects on the brain and can all help with stress relief, fighting depression, hormone imbalances and even sleep deprivation.  A few sprays on your pillow before you go to sleep at night can transport you in to a dreamy sleep where you have no cares in the world and you wake in the best of moods.

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