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Daniel Sandler Makeup Tips

Daniel Sandler Makeup Tips

International celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler’s Professional Finish Makeup range is the result of over 25 years experience in the makeup artistry. Working with some of the most famously beautiful women in the fashion world, Daniel has become one of the most respected names in the makeup industry with products used by top makeup artists such as Pixiwoo & Cassie Lomas.

Daniel’s award winning makeup strives to assist any woman in making herself look her most beautiful. His makeup is designed to be quick and easy to apply, containing the best ingredients for your skin. Daniel believes that with three or four essential makeup items, anyone can look their best without spending hours at your dressing table.

A few simple tips can go a long way in crafting the perfect makeup look for you, so we’ve asked Daniel for his top tips when applying your makeup for a truly flawless look…

Daniel Sandler | Eyes

  • If you like 2 apply more than 2 coats of mascara, make sure you comb in between applications so your lashes separate and fan out.
  • When using a new mascara always remove the blob at the end of the brush tip or you could end up with clumpy trashy lashes.
  • Instead of licking a cotton bud 2 remove mascara mishaps, try dipping cotton bud in liquid Base. You’ll remove the blip more easily.

Daniel Sandler | Lipstick

  • If you want to mattify a bright lipstick. Apply it then pop a 1ply tissue onto lips. Dip powder puff into powder then press onto a tissue. Lift off the tissue & you'll find that enough powder has gone through to set & mattify the lippie but not cake the colour.

Daniel Sandler | Blusher

  • Choosing the right shade of blush isn't difficult. Fair skins suit soft peach. Medium skin suit soft pink.
  • Light black skins suit a sheer bright pink or soft terracotta, Black skins suit dark bronze, berry pinks or red shades of blush.
  • Tap a little invisible loose powder under cheekbones after applying powder blush. Cheeks will look more defined.

Daniel Sandler | Makeup Trends


  • If you're getting married, go easy with shimmer on cheeks. Shimmer in photos adds pounds to your face & makes it look rounder.
  • Even if you’re not getting married, too much shimmer is particularly unchic if over applied. But a little can add a nice sheen.


  • Want to streamline your nose? Sweep the tiniest amount of matte bronzer down each side then go over with finger to blend 


  • To help stop Fake Tan rubbing off so quickly just after you’ve applied it, go easy on body moisturiser.

Finally, Daniel recommends that wearing one new makeup product per season updates your look and stops you looking the same for years, so make sure to keep checking back on the full Daniel Sandler makeup collection to refresh your look!

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