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Brand Spotlight: LaRoc Cosmetics

Brand Spotlight: LaRoc Cosmetics

LaRoc Cosmetics was created when the owner had a vision. “What if we could bring high quality makeup products to the market at affordable prices, accessible for everyone!” LaRoc believe everyone should be able to experience, create and enjoy high quality cosmetics, and so, LaRoc was born.

Each product has been uniquely designed and developed to create a playground for self - expression. LaRoc's goal is to bring diverse, innovative, creative, fun colour cosmetics to the exploding army of makeup junkies! Their pledge is to inspire every walk of life explore their inner artist with confidence and limitless possibilities to express themselves.

They are proud to be a booming community of makeup obsessed enthusiasts, who's mission is to evolve and change the beauty industries "perfect image" in to uplifting, empowering everyone’s true inner beauty!

LaRoc Makeup Palettes

The original LaRoc makeup was designed for the fashion and makeup savvy. Their palettes have been designed with every look and trend catered for, as well as a price point that will suit every budget .

This professional range doesn’t compromise quality but allows luxury beauty to be accessible to all giving the opportunity to buy more and have a colour wardrobe to match their ever-evolving.

LaRoc 35 Eyeshadow Palette Beach Club LaRoc 120 Eyeshadow Palette Fusion

LaRoc Pro Makeup Palettes


LaRoc Bakery Box Palette 2 LaRoc Bakery Box Palette


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