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13 Benefits of Orgasms

The incredible benefits of orgasms stretch far beyond a momentary pleasure. "When sexual stimulation and orgasm occur, neurotransmitters and neuropeptides are produced and released by the brain, eliciting a cascade of positive effects on our physical and emotional wellbeing". As certified sex therapist and neuroscientist Nan Wise, author of Why Good Sex Matters highlights, these substances help to decrease stress, significantly improve sleep, bolster immunity, and even enhance our mood. Furthermore, orgasms can contribute to other essential aspects of health, such as promoting bone strength and promoting a clear complexion. With the numerous advantages orgasms offer in terms of improved mood, sleep, and immune function, there's no doubt that incorporating this natural and pleasurable act into our self-care routines could be particularly valuable to our overall health. Here's exactly what you stand to gain from prioritizing your pleasure.

1. Orgasms gives your skin a healthy glow.

Not only is regular orgasming beneficial for your mental health, but it turns out that these satisfying moments can act as a natural skin remedy. When you climax your body releases oxytocin (a hormone that accompanies pleasure) and decreases cortisol (which signals stress), which helps keep breakouts and rashes at bay. Additionally, an orgasm can give your face an attractive glow as increased blood and oxygen circulation boosts radiance! Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and sexually makes for glowing skin on top of feeling great!

2. Orgasms can boost body confidence.

Having an orgasm can be a positive experience not just because of the pleasure it brings but also because it can also help to boost body confidence. In fact, this has been studied and reported by Emily Wise, PhD in Human Sexuality, who found that when individuals focused on giving themselves pleasure instead of judging their bodies, they started associating pleasure with being in their own bodies. Her studies also revealed that women who have more sex tend to feel better about their bodies and want to go for even more. This is great news for those of us striving for a healthier relationship with our bodies!

3. Get a more restful sleep after orgasm.

indulging in an enjoyable romp between the sheets has a significant impact on the quality of your slumber. One of the most notable health benefits of sex is the enhancement of sleep, a result of the complex interplay of hormones released during and after the act. As the blissful post-coital haze sets in, the hormone prolactin surges through the body, hastening the onset of sleep. The story doesn't end here, though. Reaching a climax during sex leads to the release of oxytocin and vasopressin, which work in unison to deepen the intensity of your slumber, ensuring that you sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. Thus, a pleasurable evening of passion opens the doors to the restorative powers of quality sleep, further bolstering overall health and wellbeing.

4. Your brain gets a workout during orgasm.

The fascinating study conducted by Wise explored the effects of sexual stimulation and orgasm on the human brain, unveiling a myriad of intriguing responses. It was discovered that during orgasm, there was a significant increase in blood flow to a multitude of brain regions, causing the brain to illuminate, much like a vibrant Christmas tree. This important finding highlights the remarkable benefits of this increased blood circulation, as it essentially provides the brain with an incredibly nourishing and invigorating workout. The implications of Wise's research present a new perspective on the significance of sexual activity to not only our physical health but also mental well-being.

5. Orgasms lead to healthier hair.

This increased blood flow also makes its way to the scalp, leading to notable changes in the health and appearance of our hair. As a result of engaging in intimacy and experiencing orgasms, one may notice stronger, shinier, and longer-looking locks. So, don't be surprised if your romantic encounters result in more than just a warm afterglow – you might end up with a stunning head of hair to boot!

6. Orgasms boost estrogen and collagen, and give you a more youthful appearance.

Regular orgasms are amazing for maintaining not only a healthy body but also a youthful appearance, all thanks to their influence on biological factors like blood pressure, estrogen levels, and sleep quality. When it comes to blood pressure, orgasms play a crucial role in reducing hypertension and providing overall heart health. This, in turn, contributes to a slower aging process. Beyond that, orgasms are known to boost estrogen levels, which facilitates the increase of collagen production in the body, resulting in plumper and younger-looking skin. Lastly, orgasms have been linked to improved sleep, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and lines over time. So, it appears that a little sexual pleasure goes a long way in shielding your body from the signs of aging.

7. Orgasms boost your immunity.

Little known to many, orgasms release the chemical DHEA, which plays a crucial role in balancing your immune system. A resilient immune system helps guard against illnesses and ensures a healthy body. But that's not all; DHEA is also essential in promoting bone health and aiding in the repair of tissues.

8. Orgasms make you feel happier.

The release of oxytocin during orgasm plays a significant role in enhancing happiness levels amongst individuals, earning it the nickname "the feel good hormone." Oxytocin bolsters human connection and encourages the formation of strong interpersonal bonds, acting as a mood elevator for those experiencing its effects. The hormone simultaneously reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, which in turn promotes overall emotional well-being. Thus, the powerful impact of oxytocin is instrumental in not only fostering physical pleasure, but also stimulating a genuine, emotional sense of contentment and happiness in individuals.

9. Orgasms help you bond with your partner.

Experiencing orgasms plays a significant role in fostering connections and enhancing the bond between partners, as highlighted by expert Wise. Engaging in a consistent and fulfilling sexual relationship not only strengthens the bond between individuals but also contributes to our overall well-being. This strong connection emanates from the pleasurable sensations and intimate moments shared during moments of sexual intimacy. Consequently, maintaining a healthy and rewarding sex life serves as an essential lubricant to our relationships, leading to an overall improvement in our emotional, mental, and physical health.

10. Orgasms relieve pain (including cramps).

Research indicates that sexual stimulation and orgasm can reduce pain in a variety of ways. In addition to provide happiness, oxytocin - a hormone released during sex - helps manage headaches, joint and muscular pain and even menstrual cramps. Therefore, it might be a good idea to add sexual activity into your routine to gain its powerful pain relieving properties. There is also evidence that suggests regular sex can help with overall mood, blood pressure and even sleep quality, so why not give it a try?

11. During orgasms, your breasts get bigger.

According to Dr. Wise, sexual stimulation and orgasm can actually lead to fuller breasts. This intriguing phenomenon can be attributed to the heightened blood flow throughout the body when arousal occurs, causing our breast tissue to expand and appear more voluptuous.

12. Your lips get fuller post-orgasm.

This enhanced circulation results in your lips appearing thicker and plumper, giving you a more appealing and youthful look immediately following an intimate encounte

13. Orgasms can strengthen your pelvic floor.

Did you know that engaging in regular orgasms can lead to a stronger and healthier pelvic floor? In the pursuit of improved sexual and pelvic health, researchers have discovered an interesting link between orgasm and Kegel exercises. According to a study published in the Journal of Women's Health, Issues and Care, it turns out that the very muscles we strengthen during Kegel exercises are the same ones that participate actively during an orgasm. This fascinating connection suggests that by routinely experiencing orgasms, individuals can naturally fortify and maintain a robust pelvic floor, ultimately benefiting both their sexual and overall well-being.

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