3rd March 2021

You might not be able to make it out to the salon or the spa, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel glowing AF in your own home. If a full face of makeup isn’t top of your agenda right now, then your skin definitely should be. Prepping and priming = the perfect canvas for your creativity.

You’ve found the products that work the best for your skin – good work sis. Now, in order to create the ultimate stay at home glow, you need to follow our NUMBER. ONE. RULE. so that you protect your skin and give your makeup a long-lasting, flawless finish.



Take it OFF.

Even though makeup is our thing, we’re firm believers that you should put as much care into removing makeup as you do in applying it.

Clean up your ACT.

You’ve spent a month’s pay on serums, anti-ageing treatments and creams, now it’s time to make them work for you. Fancy formulas won’t do their thing if you don’t do yours. So, a cleansed canvas is key.

Slough it OUT.

Try to exfoliate once or twice a week to tackle dirt, excess oil and sweep away complexion dulling dead skin cells.

Get serious about SERUMS.

Always apply serums and anti-ageing treatments early in your routine and don’t just slather them on, pat them in. This way your skin can really soak up all the goodness. Use a jade roller for some serious sculpting.

Add more MOISTURE.

Smooth on a moisturiser or night cream to give your skin a hit of hydration. If you are prone to oily skin or out-breaks, then a moisturiser is especially important as dry skin can cause your oil production to go into overdrive.

Eye it UP.

Gently tap on eye cream (never tug) with your ring finger to brighten, tighten and smooth.

Step up the SPF.

Last but by no means least, the most important step of all. Even if you are inside you need to wear an SPF. Harmful UV rays can penetrate through windows, so even if you’re not sun worshiping, remember to slather it on.

You’ve prepped and primed the perfect base, now it’s time to get…


Prime TIME.

For a flawless finish and easy application, always prep with a primer.

Mix it UP.

Add a drop of HIGHLIGHTING ELIXIR into your favourite foundation for a naturally glossy finish without looking like a human mirror ball.

Level up your EYE.

For an easy everyday eye, use a matte eyeshadow and work it from lighter and brighter in the inner corner of your eye to a darker drama in the outer.

Lock down your LINER.

Use a precision liner to create some seriously fierce feline flicks.

Remix your LIP.

Choose a shade closest to your natural lip colour, or to your favourite TRUE COLOUR lipstick. Starting from your cupid’s bow, carefully line the natural form of your lip to the outer corner, then start again from the other side. Complete your look by lining your lower lip which connects to the inner corners of your mouth. If you want to, add a lick of glossy LIP TOPPER for a little EXTRA.

Get your FIX.

Finally, for the ultimate dewy glow, finish your face with a spritz of LIFEPROOF ILLUMINATING FIXING MIST to set your makeup in place for up to 12 hours.

So, brighten up your day and create a glow that’s always good to go – even if you’re not going anywhere. However, you’re feeling, makeup free or full-on face, it’s up to YOUYOU do whatever feels right for YOU

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About the Author

Here at Sleek MakeUP, we believe that however you live your life – everyone has the right to be seen, heard and felt exactly how they choose to be. Encompassing this spirit, we aim to support and celebrate individuals who WORK IT THEIR OWN WAY and actively challenge stereotypes. 


In 1985, in the heart of East London, Sleek MakeUP was born. Our founder recognised that women of colour were under represented in the make-up industry and worked hard to create a highly pigmented range of products for all skin tones. Inclusivity and diversity has always been at the core of our brand and we continue to champion this today.

From our iconic i-Divine Eyeshadow palettes, to our blinding Highlighting Palettes, and other cult classics such as Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks and Cream Contour Kits; we became a brand known for providing on-trend, high quality products.

Following years of success on the UK high street, Sleek MakeUP became part of the Boots family in 2015 and is now sold in 15 countries and over 2,200 stores globally.

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