Smirk Bamboo Eco-Friendly Toothbrush

Made from Bamboo and Poly Fibre Bristles

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The Smirk Toothbrush is an environmentally friendly and recyclable toothbrush made from bamboo and poly fibre bristles. A Green Brush.

Look after the environment and your teeth at the same time with our new Smirk® Bamboo & Poly Fibre Toothbrush!

Say goodbye to destructive plastic and waste. Say au revoir to yellow teeth and bad breath.

The perfect accompaniment to our famous Teeth Whitening Powder.

How to Use

We don’t need to tell you how to use a toothbrush. Do we?


Our toothbrushes are made of Bamboo and Polyfibre bristles…

About the Brand

Teeth whitening used to be expensive, time-consuming, and so potentially toxic that only licensed dentists could safely administer it. Yikes! We thought there had to be an easier, safer, gentler way…but there wasn’t. Until we designed it. Smirk products help to whiten even the toughest stains without harsh chemicals. They’re affordable, simple, and safe for anyone to use regularly in the comfort of their own home!

Since 2014, Smirk products have helped whiten and brighten over 8 million teeth and counting! You’ll find us in dental clinics around the world for that very reason. What makes our products special?

  • Remove Tough Stains – Smirk removes stains left by years of coffee, tea, smoking, and other indulgences.
  • Safe & Ultra-Gentle – All Smirk products are non-toxic and made without bleach or peroxide, making them safe to use and gentle on even sensitive teeth.
  • Get That Super-Clean Feeling – Love that “just visited the hygenist feeling”? Smirk Powder also leaves teeth feeling post-dentist, teeth-lickingly good clean!
  • Safe for Regular Use – Keep teeth shining for the long haul with Smirk. Our products are safe for regular, long-term use.

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