Moisturisers & Masks

Nourishing your skin is so important, especially if you wear base makeup such as foundation daily. Many think that moisturising is only necessary during the colder months when harsh winds can dry out your face, but moisturisers protect from sun damage and dryness accumulated in the daily practice of applying makeup. Left unchecked, dry skin can cause all sorts of skin care problems as well as spoil the appearance of your makeup!

Applying moisturiser can save you from using more makeup than you need and also protects your skin from unnecessary dryness. When applying, make sure you have exfoliated and cleansed beforehand and then add tiny dots of moisturiser evenly around your face before rubbing them in to make sure you have a full and even coverage. Allow your moisturiser to sink in but not completely dry before applying your makeup, and use a night-time moisturiser to allow your skin to recover and repair overnight.

Those with specialist needs such as sensitive or mature skin can greatly benefit from frequent and proper moisturiser application so make sure that you buy to suit your skin’s needs. From Clinique to La Prairie we at The Beauty Store bring you only the best in beauty and skincare brands so you can give your skin the VIP treatment.



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