Nail Treatments

Here at The Beauty Store we know that the secret to a long lasting manicure is treating your nails right! Nail Treatments are an important part of your beauty routine, by properly looking after your nails, you guarantee a long lasting manicured appearance that will withstand numerous changes of nail polish. Between polishes, you should make sure that you’re properly removing old polish with some high quality remover, then before reapplying polish you should turn your attention to restoring your nails to their best hydrated state with a soothing balm or lotion.

Pay close attention to dried cuticles or nails and use the right nail treatments to suit their condition, whether you’re simply maintaining the condition or working towards improving it over time, we have plenty of products to keep your nails perfect or get them back on track so you can try out our collection of nail polishes to your heart’s content! Make sure you look after the shape of your nails too with our nail accessories.