Nail Tools & Accessories

We’re sure that you’ll find the perfect nail polish for you within our nail care collection here at The Beauty Store, but you need to make sure that you’re looking after your nails if you’re going to achieve the perfect homemade manicure! Our range of Nail Tools & Accessories makes sure that you’re kitted out with everything you need to maintain the polish, shine, shape and style of your nails before you apply the perfect colour for your look.

Proper nail care is important, as a well maintained nail will hold its strength so that you’re never met with the dilemma of a broken nail or ragged cuticle. Nail files are one of the best items you can have in your nail care toolkit, perfect for shaping and quickly covering up any unwanted chips or sharp edges that could jeopardise your meticulous manicure. When you’ve got the desired shape, choose from our nail polishes or even apply another nail treatment to add extra strength and resilience to your nails!