Lip Makeup

For those looking to achieve luscious looking lips all year round, you need to make sure you have all of your favourite lip makeup at hand. The best way to ensure that you have tip-top lips is to choose products from the best makeup designers around. Here at The Beauty Store, we provide the best in affordable luxury when it comes to makeup products, so you’re able to get lip cosmetics from Butter LONDON and NYX Cosmetics to Estee Lauder and W7 Cosmetics.

First, you should line the lip with a clear lip liner or coloured lip pencil. Carefully draw around the line of your lips and use the lip pencil to colour in the rest of your lips. This forms a protective line around your lips to make sure that your lipstick won’t bleed out of the desired shape, but it also creates a base layer that the lipstick colour can cling to for longer lasting colour. Once this is done, you can apply your lipstick either directly to your lips, or by using a lip brush for more control. Finish off the look with some clear lipgloss. If you want more style tips on how to get the perfect lip, see our Guide to the Perfect Pout. [link to infographic to be inserted]

Some may choose to use lipgloss in place of lipstick, preferring the glossy finish to the sheen or matte finishes of a lipstick. Both lipglosses and lipsticks are available in a huge variety of colours and finishes so you can choose your individual preference depending on the occasion. Whichever you choose, make sure to indulge in some lip care before application to ensure long lasting and healthy lip condition.