Late night, stressful day or simply need to give your eyes a refresh? Concealershould be an essential part of all make-up bags and will help you solve the aforementioned issues. Apply it tothe dark circles under your eyes to appear fresher faced, or cover any areas of redness on the face. Concealer is truly versatile and here at The Beauty Store, we have a number of concealers available from the biggest brands in the world. Whether you would like NYX Cosmetics, La Prairie, Yves Saint Laurent, Bourjois or more we can provide you with what you want at a price you’ll admire.

The best way to use concealer would be to apply it after you have applied your primer. Apply the concealer to areas with small blemishes, redness, age spots and other areas you are concerned about to even out your skin tone, then apply your foundation. Alternatively, some people choose to apply their concealer afterwards, but it’s entirely up to you. Have a try and see what works for you, and work with your own skin type.