While choosing the right foundation and other base makeup such as highlighters is important in contributing to a stylish and natural look, without blusher you could be facing a pale and pasty complexion! Here at The Beauty Store we know that choosing the right blusher can be as tricky if not trickier than finding the right foundation to suit your complexion. The result should be a natural pink glow that gives a healthy appearance to your face, so make sure that you choose a colour that suits the natural blush appearance of your skin tone to avoid your blusher standing out in all the wrong ways!

Apply to the apples of your cheeks by smiling first and sweeping the brush upwards towards the tops of your ears to allow your blusher to follow a flattering cheekbone pattern. Blusher should always blend and appear naturally on your skin. We always choose brands that deliver the best quality makeup so that you’re able to apply and blend for the perfect complexion. Choose from blushers by NYX Cosmetics, W7 Cosmetics and more to find your next base makeup favourite. Remember to apply the correct foundation and highlighters before applying your blusher, and commit to a healthy skincare regime that includes cleansing and moisturising to protect your skin at all times.