Eye Shadow is the perfect way to enhance your eye makeup for any number of occasions. You may associate eyeshadow as being an eye makeup that is best suited to creating a dramatic evening look, but by applying the right shade of eyeshadow you can manipulate your makeup to give even the most natural of looks a little something extra.

Here at The Beauty Store, we only want the best for your makeup regime, so we stock beauty products of the highest standard made by designers and brands that we’re sure you’ll love. Our eyeshadows are available from big name brands such as Bourjois, NYX Cosmetics and W7 Cosmetics so you can be sure that you’re getting the very best from your eyeshadow.

Each of our Eye Shadows, whether in sets or individual pieces, are available in a huge range of colours so you can create whatever eye look you’re hoping to achieve. We have eyeshadows that range from natural hues to sweet pastels and bright and bold colours so you can choose an eyeshadow that reflects your personality as well as your sense of style. Browse our full range of eye makeup to complete your look.