LaRoc Luxury Silk Lashes – Baby Doll

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Super fluffy, perfect for all eyes, LaRoc Luxury Silk Lashes Baby Doll are one of our more natural styles.

They are double layered, packed with mini clusters and super wispy! Ideal for any occasion, day or night, these lashes are a staple in everyone’s makeup bag!

  • LaRoc Luxury Silk Lashes.
  • Each one is perfectly handmade to create a flawless look.
  • Quick and easy to apply.
  • Each set can be used 15 – 25 times when cared for correctly.
  • 6 Different styles available.
LaRoc Cosmetics was created when the owner had a vision. ?What if we could bring high quality makeup products to the market at affordable prices, accessible for everyone!? Here at LaRoc we believe everyone should be able to experience, create and enjoy high quality cosmetics, and so, LaRoc was born. Each product has been uniquely designed and developed to create a playground for self - expression.LaRoc's goal is to bring diverse, innovative, creative, fun colour cosmetics to the?exploding?army of makeup junkies! We pledge to inspire every walk of life explore their inner artist with confidence and limitless possibilities to express themselves. We are proud to be a?booming?community of makeup obsessed enthusiasts, who's mission is to evolve and change the beauty industries "perfect image" in to uplifting, empowering everyone?s true inner beauty!

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