Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Youth Renewal Serum 50ml

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Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Youth Renewal Serum works 365 days of the year, to leave your skin younger and fully rejuvenated. Smoother, plumper, it recovers the power of ultimate radiance.

365 days a year your skin has to adapt to changing environments and lifestyles: daylight, main cause of accelerated skin aging, but also climate swings, pollution levels, stress and fatigue. All these factors combined accelerate the natural aging process.

Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Youth Renewal Serum works on both biological and environmental skin aging sources:

Biological aging: reactivates skin’s natural ability to self-renew and behave younger.Environmental aging: helps repair & defend, at cellular level, multiple damage from daylight, pollution and stress.


Use 3 drops every day, morning & evening, under your regular Lancaster cream to optimize its efficiency.

Never be without trusted Lancaster skin protection for combating harmful UV rays, damaging pollutants and signs of ageing.  International pioneer in suncare Lancaster has over 40 years experience researching and developing innovative new products In UV protection and combining it with the ultimate sensual indulgence.

Your skin has to adapt to changing environments every day, whether that’s sunlight, harsh weather or even pollution. All these factors can weaken the skin’s elasticity, increasing the signs of ageing. Lancaster’s unique suncare formula contains exclusive infrared technology to protect your skin from UVB and UVA filters, while Lancaster Skincare helps repair and nourish damaged skin. Lancaster’s ground-breaking technologies help to reveal a more youthful, luminous skin, whatever your lifestyle.

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