Women's Fragrances

Choose your signature scent with The Beauty Store. We have gorgeous scents in different concentrations including an easy-spritz Eau de Toilette, longer-lasting Eau de Parfum and full bodied Parfum to suit your fragrance needs. Diversity is our speciality here at The Beauty Store, so we’ve made sure that a wide variety of fragrances are available to you including celebrity name women’s fragrances perfect for the dedicated fan, designer women’s fragrances for bottled luxury you can take home and even novelty women’s fragrances for some added quirk.

Each fragrance is held in a beautifully designed unique bottle that you’ll be proud to display on your bedroom dresser, as decorative and collectable as they are exquisitely scented. We have a wide selection of volumes available for your convenience. Pop your favourite fragrance in your handbag or display it with pride at home for long lasting everyday use. Many of our fragrances can be matched with a complementary Body Lotion to lock in a fresh fragrance all day and night.