Men's Eau de Toilette

Searching for Men’s Eau de Toilette for an affordable price? Here at The Beauty Store we are proud to deliver a variety of different choices for our customers and keep our prices extremely competitive. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it here with us.

How to use Eau de Toilette

Unlike Men’s Eau de Parfum or other fragrances, Men’s Eau de Toilette is less concentrated and is a great option for those who don’t want to worry about using too much to the point of overpowering. Over time, it releases its top notes – rather than middle notes like you’d find with perfume – meaning that it does need to be reapplied if you aren’t using it for a special occasion. Use Men’s Eau de Toilette by dabbing it onto pulse points, such as your wrists and neck, to spread the fragrance across your body for the best results.

Big brands at The Beauty Store

As one of the most popular types of fragrances for men, Eau de Toilette is inexpensive and very easy to find. Here at The Beauty Store we stock some of the largest names in the industry. From Emporio Armani, Adidas and Calvin Klein to Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier and more our selection is sure to have something you’ll love. All scents are unique and individual, with a brief description of their notes on their pages. You can browse through these to see which one will be best suited for yourself.

Dedicated service

Here at The Beauty Store we’re dedicated to our clients and are proud to offer such competitively priced products. Whether you’re buying our wares for a gift or as a treat for yourself you’ll be sure to find something ideal with us. For orders over £25 we are able to offer free deliver and if you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be able to enjoy even more deals.