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You’re probs wondering, ‘how to use a body mist ‘ or ‘what is fragrance layering’. Yes babe, layering body mists is a thang and it is literally the best thing ever especially if you are someone who is always struggling to choose the right scent that is unique to you (the struggle life!). If you are looking for your perfect signature scent to solve all your problems, we have got you covered babe with our top secret technique.

Halloween Nails

This Halloween, we really want you to nail it with your spellbinding style. While everyone is still coming up with their costume, take Halloween into your own hands … literally. Your nails should be Halloween-ready, and there’s no better way to do that than browsing these spooky, glam, and jaw-dropping Halloween nail art ideas. Even Morticia Addams would envy…

Travel Friendly Beauty

Imagine this: you’re packing your suitcase before a well-deserved getaway and you suddenly realise that your wash-bag is about the same size of it, if not bigger. Actually, there’s no need to imagine, because you’ve probably been there before, and when you’re only allowed to take a teeny tiny plastic bag through airport security, getting…