Victoria Green

At Victoria Green they believe that organisation is good for the soul. You feel ready to take on life’s adventures when you’ve packed well and prepared in advance.

For Victoria, her journey to organisation started some years ago…As a designer working for some of the most prominent brands in the fashion, home and beauty industry, Victoria travelled all over the world.

However, a disorganised young woman with a hectic schedule and no planning experience isn’t the best combination, and years ago, after arriving in New York for the third time with only half of her makeup, she realised that she needed to get more organised.

After talking to her friends and realising they had the same issues, the idea took off – she could use her 20 years’ experience in design to create an exceptional range of beauty bags to help women get organised.

After a lot of hard work and determination she achieved her goal to design beauty bags that went beyond the pretty. By combining practical, functional details with gorgeous patterns, Victoria now continues to create each bag with busy women in mind, designed to accompany them on every journey they take.