La Prairie

The cult beauty brand La Prairie is unparalleled in its commitment to exceptional skincare with groundbreaking results in refinement and revitalisation. The brand began in Montreux, Switzerland at the Clinique La Prairie where the revolutionary ideas of one unconventional doctor resulted in an effective way to restore and prolong health and vitality that was celebrated by the upper classes. In 1978, La Prairie skincare became commercially available, their critically acclaimed Eye Contour Cream. La Prairie continues to utilise the latest scientific breakthroughs prolong ageless beauty and timeless luxury.

By intercepting ageing at its source, La Prairie is able to fulfil the promise of timeless beauty, a promise they have kept for over 35 years. In order to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance, La Prairie utilise age-fighting ingredients of both bio-technical and botanical origin. Their products aim to revitalise, energise and deeply moisturise the skin through the use of cellular creams, serums, treatments and skincare collections. La Prairie’s most popular ranges are created with rare ingredients in mind including gold, caviar and platinum for a truly opulent skincare experience that recaptures youth and natural beauty.

Here at The Beauty Store, we have made available to you some of La Prairie’s best skincare collections which now also include foundation and concealing make up ranges. With La Prairie’s luxury products, you will be able to cleanseexfoliate and moisturise your skin, including hands and nails, with additional help from specialist serums and even spot treatments for skincare emergencies. Truly take care of your skin by engaging in the anti-ageing process with La Prairie.