Katy Perry

Grammy award winning and Woman of The Year, Katy Perry, has a line of fragrances that won’t disappoint. Having rocketed to stardom with her debut pop album ‘One of the Boys’, Katy Perry was instantly entered into the great music hall of fame. With hit after hit under her belt, there’s nothing this singer, actress, philanthropist and all round businesswomen can’t do. Queue the award winning flamboyant fragrances.

The Katy Perry fragrance line is just another natural form of expression for this glamour queen, who pours every ounce of sass, sophistication and confidence into every bottle. Her debut fragrance ‘Purr’ was launched in 2010 soon followed by ‘Meow’ and ‘Killer Queen’ which resonates with her strong character and determination.  Every scent has a fun and striking flacon designed by Katy herself that undoubtedly looks good on any dresser. Shop our full range of Katy Perry perfumes at discounted prices here at The Beauty Store.