Karl Lagerfeld

Indulge your senses in the wonderfully fresh fragrances of Karl Lagerfeld. The one-man multinational fashion phenomenon Karl Lagerfeld is nothing but timeless. At just 17 Lagerfeld impressed world-class couture houses with his sketching and design talents and eventually hit new highs as head designer at Chloé and reviving the almost lost Chanel in the mid 80’s.

Karl Lagerfeld began his fragrance line in 1978, launching his signature cologne for men, Lagerfeld, and soon followed with his popular women’s collection which includes Photo, Chloe, and Karleidoscope.  Much like Lagerfeld’s own appearance, his perfumes are iconic in their own right, housed in striking statement bottles. Discover our full range of Karl Lagerfeld fragrances at discounted prices here at The Beauty Store.


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