Established in 2001, renowned leading hair styling brand GHD (Good Hair Day) revolutionised women’s hair styling by creating a top quality professional styling tool designed for salons and making it available for home use. The work of GHD’s three founding entrepreneurs has allowed the company to continue to progress as a leader and innovator in hair styling. Popular since the beginning, with demand almost surpassing ability to supply in the early years of production, GHD hair styling products have been used and endorsed by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz and even Madonna.

Loved also by stylists and consumers alike, GHD always has its finger on the pulse of what is most important to their consumers. They released their first limited edition straighteners in pink to support breast cancer awareness and research, a cause they continue to support today. Their unfaltering focus on the spirit of transformation has made GHD one of the forerunners of the fiercely competitive fashion styling industry. Browse our full range of Hair Care products to use in conjunction with your GHD professional styling tools to keep your hair well styled and cared for.