Caron is the ultimate luxury French perfume house founded in 1904 by Ernest Daltroff. Even with no formal training as a perfumer, Daltroff, inspired by his mother and a love of fragrance, created one of the most loved perfume houses in the world. Caron perfumes depict a secret love story as Daltroff’s muse was Felicie Wanpouille, the company’s artistic designer, and was the inspiration behind many of his successful perfumes. Although despite the pair’s perfect partnership Daltroff never formally declared his love for her, but the perfumes he created remain to tell the tale.

Caron was the first to introduce the Crystal Fountain in its boutiques in the 1980s where perfume bottles can be refilled directly from the golden taps. These elegant Caron perfumes are timeless classics that are perfect for day wear. Discover our full collection of Caron fragrances at discounted prices at The Beauty Store.