Encapsulating all the glamour of 19th century Paris, French make-up brand, Bourjois, has everything you need to make yourself camera ready. In 1863, in the theatre district of Paris in, actor Joseph-Albert Ponsin created and prepared makeup for his colleagues to wear on stage. Recognising the popularity of his products he entrusted his entire activity to Alexandre-Napoléon Bourjois and the luxury make-up brand was born. Bourjois’ cosmetics palette broadened as did its clientele and soon the make-up brand was worn by women worldwide.

To this day, Bourjois continue to reinvent and revive classic cosmetics for simple, elegant beauty. Still retaining that French joie de vivre, today the range comprises of vibrant colourful shades and ingenious products. Shop the Bourjois range of makeup for eyes, face, lips and nails at fabulously discounted prices here at The Beauty Store.