The slogan for this ultra-luxurious brand says it all: Baldessarini separates the men from the boys. German founder, Werner Baldessarini, emerged into the fashion world through retail and eventually became chief designer and member of the Board of Directives for Hugo Boss. First launching a successful series of men’s fragrances in 2002, Baldessarini won multiple awards and quickly became a brand recognised as refined luxury.

If you know a man who enjoys the finer things in life then Baldessarini men’s fragrances make the perfect gift. The Baldessarini brand offers a selection of fragrances and toiletries for men including deodorants, aftershave lotions and balms, and shower gels. At The Beauty Store you can find a range of indulgent products at great discounted prices including the classic Baldessarini Ambré fragrance for the modern man.


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