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11 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Empty Perfume Bottles

Have you got empty perfume bottles littering your bathroom? Yes, then maybe you should try these 11 brilliant ways to reuse empty perfume bottles.

1. Turn them into a Flower Vase

Empty perfume bottles make lovely flower vases – and nope, they're not just bud vases, either! Fill them with fresh flowers or create a permanent arrangement with quality silk blossoms.

For a super quick and easy guide, check out the DIY Decorator

2. Turn them into a gorgeous Perfume Display

You paid for these perfume bottles with your hard earned money, so fill them up with some coloured water and display them, loud and proud.

3. Turn them into an Oil Burner

DIY all the way, so you can save money, upcycle your old bottles, and make your house smell amazing!

4. Turn them into Art

Embrace your creative streak and turn your old perfume bottle into a piece of art. This reminds me of using papier-mâché art class at school and I love it.

5. Turn them into Candle Holders

This is a fantastic idea if you have a collection of antique or vintage perfume bottles. I love this as a centerpiece idea!

6. Turn them into Wedding Party Favours

Adorable! It's also a perfect DIY idea so you can save some money on your wedding décor!

7. Turn them into a Glitter Globe

Bored of snow globes, then try a glitter globe. We have loads of empty bottles that would look amazing after some glitter treatment.

8. Turn it into a Reed Diffuser

Another awesome way to save money, reuse your bottles, and make your space smell wonderful!

9. Turn them into cute little Mini Planters

Grow your favorite herbs in your favorite perfume bottles! Perfect – and pretty!

10. Turn them into a Light Feature

Turn your empty perfume bottles into a gorgeous light feature. Try a bottle string light, you can get one here

11. Turn them into New Perfumes

Why not make your own fragrance? Just mix a few of your favourite notes together and see what you can come up with.

For a complete guide visit Simple Living Creative Learning.

This would make a fantastic and thoughtful present, plus saves the planet. So win win.

Got any better ideas? We would love to hear them, just add them in the comments.

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Nadja - February 2, 2024

I love perfume bottles and love your ideas for useful art. Loving memories 💖

Nadja - February 2, 2024

I love perfume bottles and love your ideas for useful art. Loving memories 💖

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