8 Ways to Create the Ultimate Bath Experience

23rd March 2021

Here at The Beauty Store, we love a nice and hot bath, 20-30 minutes at the end of the day to relax and soak. We think it is so important to give yourself some quiet time each day, whenever you can, to destress and detoxify. A bath is an easy and luxurious way to treat yourself to some well-deserved solitude, especially when you add in the extra goodies from The Beauty Store, to make it like your own personal spa.

We like to think of ourselves as bath time aficionados, gathering an amazing range of bath time goodies including bath bombs, bath additives, moisturisers, cleanser, soothing masks and more. Add our products to these 8 tips for the ultimate relaxation…

  1. Create the right mood. Light a few of your favourite candles, turn off the lights and gather all your bathing essentials. Make sure your towel and robe are nearby and start running your bath.
  2. Make sure the temperature is right. This is up to you, how hot do you like it. Personally I like it just hot enough that the water stings just a bit when getting in. A little on the toasty side means it’ll stay perfectly warm for the duration of your bath.
  3. Detoxify. After a long stressful day, you just want to wash it all off. So let us help you detoxify with our range of Shower Gels & Creams and Body Scrubs.
  4. Supplement your soak. Depending on your needs, add in a few supplements to your bath. Add some of our bath additives, bath bombs and bath melts, that will turn your bath into a sensory experience. Watch as the bath bombs fizz around your bath, releasing essential oils to nourish your skin and fill your bath with glorious colour (instagram ready) or add rose oil and lavender bath salts to calm your body and mind.
  5. Stay hydrated. If you like your bath extra hot like me, you will be sweating out some of the toxins accumulated throughout the day. So try and drink a glass of water while in the bath, to make sure you feel refreshed and revitalised. That being said, I also keep a little mood setting drink nearby. If I’m really trying to detox. I’ll drink tea. But for most nights, it’s wine or whiskey.
  6. The right read. Remember this bath is all about unwinding. SO NO PHONE! Instead grab your favorite book or magazine and relax.
  7. Mask yourself. Once a week, you can try adding in a beauty treatment. Becaused why not. You can either do a face mask or one of our targeted masks, just follow the packet instructions. Feeling particularly worn down, we would recommend trying the Oh K! Violet Flower Hand Mask and Oh K! Exfoliating Green Apple Foot Peel Mask for perfectly pampered hands and feet.
  8. End on a good note. Make sure you take that relaxation with you when you leave the bathroom. Lather yourself up with a great moisturizer after getting out of the bath and wrap up in a cozy robe.
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